Sandra Cordero Havana, Cuba | 1979


As curator and philosopher, Luis Ramaggio, observes, “As any respected expeditionist, Sandra quietly observes and classifies. As a visionary. As a hungry expert. As a mentalist. Lurking around her own self, and wandering through her habits and personality, Sandra discovers that she herself is a world."

Sandra Cordero studied film in the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, Cuba. In this field, she gained over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment field as an assistant director, film producer, director, production manager, and field producer. In recent years, her creative universe has expanded towards a more personal search, Sandra has focused her attention on collage. Her creations reveal a new path within the aesthetics of this medium. With a precise, multi-layered, dimensional paper language, often cut from fashion magazines, the thriving inhabitants of Planeta Sandra come to life, her key series, which like herself, is in constant growth and mutation.


In these collages, I deconstruct everyday forms to create new narratives. Through the use of nature, science and whimsy, I invent new landscapes and environments in a visual language that is uniquely my own.


Planeta Sandra is a world populated by creatures as emotions, each one is the result of an encounter of the artist with herself, with her context, with the fact of being alive and being a woman. One-legged beings, living in their own environments, dreaming in black and white.


Sandra’s work has been exhibited in the United States, including group exhibitions in Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, New Jersey, and solo exhibitions in New York City. Pieces from the Vagabundus Dreams series are held in the Bank of America Collection.


The artist lives and works in Union City, New Jersey.

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