Roger Toledo Camagüey, Cuba | 1986


Over the course of his nascent career, Toledo has explored the manifold properties and applications of color through a wide array of abstract practices. Imbued with this chromatic and abstract sensibility, his paintings represent a fusion of the abstract and the pictorial, the formal and the organic, and the rational and sensuous.


Roger Toledo was born in Camagüey, Cuba. After he graduated from Vicentina de la Torre Art Academy in 2015, he majored in painting at the University for the Arts (ISA) in Havana. From 2011 until 2017, he served as a professor of Painting and Criticism at the Visual Art School of the University for the Arts (ISA) in Havana. During his years at the institution, he developed a wide artistic production that has led him to consolidate a particular voice.


Despite the versatility of Toledo’s work, it retains a strong coherence due to two elements that remain constant in his creations: the use of a Pattern (simple geometrical elements used to segment space) and Color. Toledo’s paintings explore the image and its structure, with recurrent references to the universal and Cuban pictorial tradition. In his paintings, he employs a technique, developed since his student years that allows him to build a painted relief pattern across the canvas, resulting in a geometric surface, in which color and texture become central values of his practice.  


Roger Toledo’s language as a painter has been constantly evolving and diversifying. In 2015, he participated in the Studio 1606 art residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There he explores landscape painting, a genre that he would develop in his work from then on. In 2018 he collaborates with UPENN Professor of Art History Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, resulting in the presentation of his personal exhibition Soy Cuba (I´m Cuba).


Toledo has taken part in several artistic residencies, academic exchanges, exhibitions and has received awards and recognitions. His work is included in private collections in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

He currently lives and works in Mexico.

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