Thomas Nickles Project presents, A base de viandas, by the Cuban photographer Arien Chang Castan, a series developed between 2010 and 2014 that celebrates the art of body building in Cuba, capturing a cultural sub-universe of unexpected tenderness and unabashed physicality amidst public and private moments where men build their own materiality, even their own gym equipment. This video is one of two that accompany the series.


Thomas Nickles Project presents Harold Garcia V's On the Altars of Vanity. an investigative work that focuses on the conditions, both past and present, that pose a threat to the Everglades’ fragile ecosystem and their underlying causes. His work examines the deeply rooted attitudes and ensuing actions that impact the Everglades today and traces their origin to the late 19th century.

Camera: Javier Castro & Harold García V.
Editing: Grethell Rasúa & Harold García V.
Photography & Sound: Grethell Rasúa
Color Correction: Janet Cardoso Post Production: Victor López


Thomas Nickles Project presents a short film created by Ronald Vill to document the creation the El Zorro y La Flor series in 2020. Wrestling with notions of ideal ways to spend time while in quarantine versus the reality of his everyday activities and anxieties, the series ebbs and flows in tone and style along with Ronald’s emotions as he processes his ever-changing environment in real time. As he shares with us these intimate visual diary entries made during a period of enforced confinement in Havana, he discovers and reveals to us a new facet of his expression. 


Thomas Nickles Project presents Alejandra Glez' 'I, Me, Myself' from her 'My House Is My Body' series a video performance conceived and executed during the quarantine of 2020 aimed to recreate through Alejandra’s insights, the body language as a reflection of lockup and imprisonment felt mostly by female bodies.