We join the artist on a journey of discovery to a world where precise, multi-layered, dimensional paper collages, often cut from fashion magazines, spring to life as the thriving inhabitants of Planeta Sandra. She manages to blend the whimsical and the sensual, the threatening and the sublime as she recounts the mythological folklore of a primordial world not that far from our own.


With an explorer’s eye and a botanist’s discipline, Sandra meticulously catalogs each Sandremios by genus and species as specimens deserving of further study.

As curator and philosopher, Luis Ramaggio, observes, “As any respected expeditionist, she quietly observes and classifies. As a visionary. As a hungry expert. As a mentalist. Lurking around her own self, and wandering through her habits and personality, Sandra discovers that she herself is a world.”

In these collages, I deconstruct everyday forms to create new narratives.

Through the use of nature, science and whimsy, I invent new landscapes and environments in a visual language that is uniquely my own.

                                                                                                  -Sandra Cordero

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