Born in Mantilla, a marginal neighborhood on the outskirts of Havana, son of a family rooted in Afro-Cuban religious beliefs, where Changó, the orisha of justice, lightning, thunder and fire, took him under his sign.


Ronald, before, wanted to be a writer and attended the literary creation workshops at the Onelio Jorge Cardoso Center. He began his first steps in photography towards 2012, at the School of Creative Photography in Havana, and was considered there, by professors and students, as a prodigy of the digital image. He has become a resident artist in the Cuban Art Factory, the place for the most contemporary Cuban Art. His pieces have been exhibited in several group shows there; Postures and Impostures, 2018, What does one want?/Anarchofeminst, 2018, Dividuos, 2018, Curating history, 2017, Critical Mass, 2017, The improper, 2017, Subjects and predicates, 2016, Double/Parallel Worlds, 2016 and Becoming Animal…, 2015.


In the Cuban Art Factory, he has also developed and led a photography workshop for children and teenagers. His work was awarded a solo exhibition at the Cuban Museum of Photography in 2016,and his pieces are in private collections and museums around the world including 21c Museum’s Portraying Power and Identity: A Global Perspective, 2018.

Ronald Vill’s art is like a powerful stream. His first photographs are close, due to the care of composition and color harmonies, to René Peña’s photography, continue the irreverent photographic speech of Marta Maria Perez Bravo, and the fictionalized reality portrayed by Juan Carlos Alom.

Always restless, Ronald Vill enjoys the process of creation from the language of photography. He understands it, and plays with it, creates his own photographic dialects, and has become, for our lot, the herald of an entirely new generation of young Cuban artists.


Ronald lives and works in Havana, Cuba.


Meeting, 2019 Digital pigment print 39 x 59 in (100 x 150 cm) Ed. of 6 + 2AP

Untitled, 2019 Digital pigment print 20 x 20 in (50 x 50 cm) Ed. of 8 + 2AP

Oshun Modigliani (Katiuscha), 2020 Digital pigment print on canvas and hand varnishes 39 x 33in (100 x83cm) Unique piece

Meeting, 2019 Digital pigment print 39 x 59 in (100 x 150 cm) Ed. of 6 + 2AP