As one views Rocio García's (b. Santa Clara, Las Villas, Cuba 1955) work one may feel uneasy as if finding yourself eavesdropping on an intimate conversation that you aren’t sure you are supposed to hear.  Perhaps you've already heard too much and now you don't know what to do with the information other than keep it a secret.

Skillfully blending the academic and the corporeal, she creates a Noiresque cinematographic world where Social Realism, Comic Book capers and the Erotic and Homo-Erotic co-mingle to narrate a tale of taboo desire and violent adventure.

Her use of colors to symbolically disclose the emotional sensations of the characters with their subtle facial expressions reveal sublime, psychological portraits of power and gender critiques.

“Actually, I deal with this in almost all of my work- the struggle for power in every aspect of life, whether political, sexual, social, or psychological. You always try to exert power, or you permit others to exert power over you.”

Rocio's works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Spain, Cuba, France, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, Panamá, India, the Dominican Republic and the United States and her work is held in private collections around the world. 

She is currently living and working in Havana, Cuba.


Rocío García 's El Thriller Series.
Rocío García 's El Thriller Series.
Rocío García 's El Thriller Series.

Like the last blues (Triptych), 2006

Oil on Canvas

47.25"H x 55"W ea.