Thomas Nickles Project is pleased to present a solo exhibition of investigative work by Cuban-born artist Harold García V focusing on the conditions, both past and present, that pose a threat to the Everglades’ fragile ecosystem and their underlying causes. Featuring a video and eleven watercolors, the exhibition examines the deeply rooted attitudes and ensuing actions that impact the Everglades today and traces their origin to the late 19th century.


García’s watercolors are anachronistic, fictional portraits and landscapes that link Victorian-era fashion plates together with imagery from contemporary digital photographs. In his La Mode Pratique (Practical Fashion) series, Victorian figures sport fashionable attire which upon closer inspection proves to be partially ornamented with scenes depicting the plight of the Everglades: burning sugar cane fields, algae-covered coastlines, satellite views of luxury housing developments and displaced wildlife. The video work On the Altars of Vanity fully captures the extravagance of ladies’ hats of the period and connects plume hunting with the present-day practice of beautifying luxury housing developments with artificial lakes filled with water diverted from wetlands.

The work in the exhibition will be the topic of an upcoming virtual conference with the United Nations as part of their Documentation & Division Lecture Series.

Exhibition on view from 05/12/2021 thru 06/27/2021.

Harold Garcia V's La Mode Pratique 006.