Take a Minute: A Show of Resilience is the first solo exhibition of multi-disciplinary artist Dionnys Matos. The work is a celebration of the resiliency of the materials he uses and a testament to the artist's inventiveness. He forces awareness of the harm brought to the natural world by our single-use, disposable culture through his exploration of materiality and use of his personal aesthetic as camouflage. He finds beauty in the everyday object as he recycles and reuses plastic cups, Styrofoam bowls, packaging materials and bubble wrap in his creative milieu. 

The Order of Things, is a series comprised of analog, medium format photographs of still life compositions that are digitally manipulated to add sophisticated and unexpected hues saturating the foreground, the background and the objects themselves, creating at once, arresting yet meditative, primitive, totemic icons of daily detritus.

His majestic Wave, a four panel mural almost 6' x 12' is made up of bubble wrap injected with acrylic. The foreboding quality of the evening sky and the viewer's perspective of being overwhelmed by the churning sea brings to mind Longo's Untitled (Raft at Sea) and perhaps Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The artist tells us this is a commentary on the degradation of our oceans with plastics. Instead of the sea being taken over by plastics, here, captured in a moment of invincibility, the sea is taking its revenge, dominating the plastic substrate. It is a moment of reckoning.

Exhibition on view from 02/17/2021 thru 03/31/2021.