Gabriela was born in Havana on November 21st, 1994. 

She is a self-taught painter who studies artistic materials and techniques. In her work, she uses a variety of mediums; watercolor, Chinese ink, oil, acrylics and gouache to create delicate, finely rendered floral waterscapes reminiscent of the Nouveau period. Her choice of substrate is often a handmade paper, sometimes papyrus.

"I describe my artwork as naturalist. I find that my spirit lifts up my body when I’m in direct contact with nature and this is, I would say, the theme that constantly reveals itself through my artwork. Nature as a never ending source of spirituality and tranquility."

Her work is included in the private collections of Luciano Méndez and Andre Des Rochers.

Gabriela lives and works in Havana.


GP-1_Water Botanical 1.jpg

Water Garden No. 1
Watercolor & Oil on Coffee Stained Handmade Paper
21.5" Diameter

Water Garden No. 2
Watercolor on Coffee Stained Handmade Paper
21.5" Diameter


Look Up, 2020

Watercolor & Ink on Papyrus

13.5” W x 10”H