Gabriela was born in Havana on November 21st, 1994. 

She is a self-taught painter who studies artistic materials and techniques.

In her work, she uses a variety of mediums; watercolor, Chinese ink, oil, acrylics and gouache to create delicate, finely rendered floral waterscapes reminiscent of the Nouveau period. Her choice of substrate is often a handmade paper, sometimes papyrus.

"I describe my artwork as naturalist. I find that my spirit lifts up my body when I’m in direct contact with nature and this is, I would say, the theme that constantly reveals itself through my artwork. Nature as a never ending source of spirituality and tranquility."

-Gabriela Pez

Her work was exhibited during the XIII Havana Biennial in 2019 at the artist Alejandra Glez’ studio and she has exhibited in the collective art show Puzzle 4/4 at Galería Taller Gorría in September 2019. Her work is featured in the first collective exhibition of contemporary art, Un viaje de ida y vuelta, in the DA2 Domus Artium 2002 Museum in Salamanca, Spain.


Gabriela is included in the private collections of Luciano Méndez and Andre Des Rochers.

The artist currently lives and works in Havana, Cuba.

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