Growing up near the sea and the countryside, Dionnys (b. Holguín, Cuba 1991) developed a love for nature and an immediate sensitivity to it. This greatly influenced how he saw the world and inclined him in a general way towards art.  His series, Sit a Minute, comprised of individual portraits of chairs in a variety of styles and colors, draws on multiple concepts related to the empty chair. 

“The empty chair represents what we are missing or who is no longer in our lives. It is a technique used in psychotherapy primarily to cope with loss.  It is a form of dialogue with the absence, a rest, a taking a minute to talk with what we long for. The chair, for me too, is an exercise of nostalgia.” 

He is currently working on new plastic projects that promote recycling, raise awareness of environmental care and make an almost poetic resistance against excessive consumption.


The artist currently lives and works in Bogotá, Columbia.