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Damian Valdes Dilla

Fantasy Vehicles

Thomas Nickles Project in conjunction with Riera Studio of Havana, Cuba is pleased to present an exclusive online show, Fantasy Vehicles, a select group of works on paper by Cuban outsider artist, Damian Valdes Dilla.


The show focuses on Damian’s unique portrayal of modes of transportation; extro-worldly vehicles made of boats with wings, bi-plane winged dirigibles, cities with propellers, trains with propellers, and even propellers with propellers all drawn with ball point pens and colored pencils.


With gratitude for the generous collaboration and support of Riera Studio, we welcome you to the mind of Damian Valdes Dilla.

On View: January 15th - March 15th, 2019

Damian (2).JPG

Fantasy Vehicle No. 2

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