César was born in Sagua la Grande, Cuba in 1948 and at thirteen years of age, he was sent out on horseback to teach the population of Cuba how to read and write during the Revolution's literacy program. César graduated from the National School of Art (ENA), Havana, Cuba in 1968 and began a long and successful career as a painter of Social Realist themes. 

"Art must be assumed as a commitment with your own soul and with your perception about what your social environment means to you. Indeed, I’m a social artist, so everything that happens to myself and my family, I care about it. The series “Rock ‘N’ Roll Cubano” is an homage to the abstract painters from the whole XXth Century, from the beginning of this specific century (1910) to the 50’s: from The States, Russia, Western Europe and Cuba; where had existed many good abstract painters since many, many years ago. All of them already died, but they are my inspiration"


Today, he is still teaching at his own atelier, the School of Plastic Arts in Regla, which he founded where he leads a school where children and adults learn how to draw and paint and how to express themselves creatively.    

César's work has been included in numerous group and personal exhibitions in Cuba, South America, the United States and Europe, and is in the collection of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana.

César currently lives and works in Regla, Cuba.