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Andy de Calzadilla was born in Guanabacoa, La Habana in 1991. He attended a painting workshop for nine years at the Lyceum for Art in his hometown. He studied psychology in the University of La Habana, and has been trained as a psychoanalyst.


When the cultural project of Cuban Art Factory started in 2014 he joined to the crew and has been working there as an art curator for one of its galleries since 2015 curating 9 exhibitions to date. He has also curated the solo exhibition of the artist Ronald Vill in 2019.


As an artist, he has made the cover for a book published in Cuba, and has participated in 2 group exhibitions. He also has papers published on psychoanalysis and leads a psychoanalytic seminar. He has developed an interest in writing, where he has two unpublished books about philosophy, art, psychology and psychoanalysis, and an unpublished book of poems. 

"We are so used to language, that we try to express everything in terms of words, questions and answers. Fortunately, art, and specifically visual art like painting and photography, has another kind of “language”. Within this other language, I’m not trying to answer anything, but considering all my work I’ve done until now is about myself, I mean, I use to portrait myself, well, I guess I’m trying to reveal something that, fortunately, I still don’t know. Art is also an unconscious activity, so I guess we must allow room for mystery."

His work has been exhibited in Cuba and soon to be the United States.

Andy lives and works in Havana, Cuba.


La Ventana, 2019 Acrylic on Photographic Print on Canvas 39" x 59”

La Ventana, 2019 Watercolor Pastel on Paper, 11.75" x 13"

The Mirror, 2019 Oil Pastel on Photographic Print on Canvas 37" x 47”

La Ventana, 2019 Acrylic on Photographic Print on Canvas 39" x 59”