Image of Alejandro Justiz.

 Alejandro was born in Havana, Cuba in 1982 and graduated from San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy, Havana in 2003 specializing in Art History, pedagogy, painting, drawing and ceramics. He trained at UNEAC, the Union of Writers and Artist of Cuba, Havana, Cuba in 2006 in Photography Techniques, Photographic composition and illumination.

Alejandro's central theme is the city. He creates abstracted architectural landscapes using his own visual language that mixes the raw and gestural with precise and repetitive marks that layer and intersect, morphing into the saturated, disembodied, gravity defying structures of his fantasy cities seen floating in space. His work explores the urban density of overpopulation with a subtext of man's relationship to nature. The rigidity of architecture becomes organic in his hands as skyscrapers soften and wilt like flowers, the city itself becomes a blossoming garden. 

"The creative process has become a therapy for ideas and thoughts, like some sort of meditation. Lately I’m seeking for patterns, deconstructing the figuration to its simplest, some kind of fractal figuration that works at any position or view, like nature through our humanity."

His work has been included in group and personal exhibitions in Cuba, Spain and the United States. 

Alejandro currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Skyline Series 1, 2016 Ink and Markers on Paper 29.5”W x 19.5”H

City Lights: Skyline Series 3, 2016 Acrylic and Markers on Paper 29.5”W x 19.5”H

Skyline Series, 2020 (Nos.1-9) Markers on Paper 8"W x 6"H ea.

Skyline Series 1, 2016 Ink and Markers on Paper 29.5”W x 19.5”H