Alain Jimenez Santana.

Alain Jiménez Santana was born in Villa Clara, Cuba in 1986. He studied Plastic Arts at the School of Art Instructors (EIA), in Santa Clara, Cuba in 2001 through 2005 and also at Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, Cuba from 2013 through 2015.

Alain's work communicates subconsciously incorporating evocative symbolism to be understood on a visceral level.  He uses a dark pallet contrasted with vivid colors and surreal imagery to evoke a psychological and emotional response. Ideas of deception, illusion and emotional transience are explored.

"For me art is a way of life and I'm not interested in giving a concept or a fixed idea to my work, I'm not interested in giving my pieces a title, if I give them a name it would simply be a random word that would have nothing to do with the piece. The word has no importance whatsoever, what is important is the spirit of the piece and the total freedom of the piece itself and the individual who looks at it. In summary: my work has to do with spontaneity, with action, gesture, immediacy, life, absurdity, it does not present any rigid pattern or principle, I can work with any support and material, it does not look for logic."

He currently lives and works in Havana, Cuba.


Untitled, 2019 Acrylic on Canvas 27 1/4"W x 25 1/2"H

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A-Isla-Das, 2018 Acrylic on Canvas 27 3/4”W x 25 3/4”H

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Seaside Silhouette, 2017 Acrylic on Canvas 27”W x 25”H

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Untitled, 2019 Acrylic on Canvas 27 1/4"W x 25 1/2"H

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