Ailen was born in Havana, Cuba in 1984 and graduated from the Higher Institute of Design (ISDi) of Havana as a graphic designer in 2007.

"I think my work tries to find an answer to my own doubts, concerns, in some cases moments or situations of pain, it is a way of channeling all this. It can be a type of therapy. And I have also gone through the memories with some of these images.


Performing photography is the main medium that I have used so far to talk about my experiences as a woman, mother, daughter and wife. My work is self-referential at all times, either through my body or with the use of other elements that reflect these experiences. I am interested in talking about life as a process, about pain, loneliness, relationships, spirituality, the body as a container of all this and the emotions that may involve.

I try to make it an image that is at times similar to a documentary but in reality, it is constructed and performance based. I don't think I have a visual language of my own yet. But in my last works I have tried to build an image that is a story in itself.


My nouns: memory, life, light. My verbs: pain and pleasure. My subject the female body and all the objects of the house."

Her work has been exhibited in Cuba and the United States.

Ailen lives and works in Havana, Cuba.


Dew, 2018 Inkjet Print on Paper 20" x 20"

Education, 2014 Inkjet Print on Paper 24" x 36"

Refuge, 2019 Inkjet Print on Paper 24" x 36"

Dew, 2018 Inkjet Print on Paper 20" x 20"