K R I S T E N   T H O M A S

J O H N   N I C K L E S

Thomas Nickles Project was established in 2016 by Kristen Thomas and John Nickles in order to provide a platform for contemporary Cuban artists in New York.   


Originally hosting pop-ups, showcasing emerging and under-recognized artists, TNP now calls 47 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side home. The project thrives on organic collaboration and strives to present a program that is both fresh and inspiring.

Kristen holds an Art History degree from St. Lawrence University, and has a practiced eye, informed by her years at Doyle New York as well as a decade’s experience as the senior designer at an esteemed New York interior design firm. John, an artist and designer, brings an unparalleled eye for detail honed by a career in the arts and luxury home goods market. 

As part of the diverse fabric of New York City, Thomas Nickles Project stands in solidarity with the demands for social justice and equality in the U.S. and around the world and will continue to strive for an inclusive, collaborative environment.

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